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In attracting the younger generations (both Shrine Members & Patrons), we aim to acheive a more lucrative, vibrant & competive option for our Shrine Clients Nationwide. This is not your traditional Circus, this is the Future of the Shrine Circus! WE are and YOU  are, "The Shrine Circus of Thrills". Join us in improving your Shrine Circus Brand, for the betterment of your Shrine Centers Future.

Bone Breakers

The Flying Royales

The Official Flyers

Klose's K-9's

Aurelia Wallenda

Royals High Fall - Stuntman Paul

Innovation in Technology & Talent

At the center of our vision, we understand that strides with investing in NEW Technology and Talent (aka-Acts) is the key component to bringing you into the arena of Americas Top Entertainment providers. F.E.I. & C.U.C have worked very hard to make these advancments possible for you to obtain in this time of survival.

Our Circus Jumbo Screen is a phenomenal way to advertise your sponsors with consistent viewership throughout the duration of your entire event.

We are mostly compiled of artist from "America's Got Talent" & "Ringling Bros." greatest acts of all time.


Excepting Change within your Shrine Center

Although change can be scary, it is a must if you want to survive in a competative World. We encourage you and your counterparts to expand your way of thinking and except that entertainment is not about what you want or feel, rather what  appeals to the current generation.


Professionalism in Our Services

When you go under contract with Our Services, we make it much easier for you to recieve what material you need throughout the marketing, coordination & execution of your event. All files we send you are uploaded through google drive and any person(s) that needs access are given entry to your file, which we facilitate. We are also one of the few, possibly the only, entertainment provider who works with your contracted arenas and hired marketing services, in providing them with "standard" document material i.e. "rider sheets", floor layouts, etc., when requested.



"It takes two to tango"! A quote so simple, yet accurate. We do NOT offer marketing services to our clients; other than material such as, pictures and video. It is crucial for the survival of your Shrine Center to always control your marketing, even if it means hiring a marketing company to get the job done right, for all Shrine-To-Public affiliated events. 

All Shrine Centers (not just some) need to adopt a business mindset and stop taking shots in the dark with crossing their fingers for the best outcome.


Your viability is up to you, we are going 100% with making changes in areas you would expect a producer to make; hence, we expect 100% from our clients aswell.  Join us hand in hand, by stepping up to the "batters' mound" and let's hit a Grand Slam together.

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